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Gallery and portfolio sites

You may be in the design or photography industry and want to impress with a catalogue of your portfolio. We make attractive galleries and portfolio sites tailored to your needs. Working with TWF cannot be easier; we’ll come and see you to run through your requirements of your website. If you prefer us not to, we have a handy briefing form to allow you to express your needs. Once the price has been agreed we enter the design stage, upon approval of your design we then build and finish your site. We’ll drop it on a testing server for you to view and once you are happy the website will be uploaded.

Accessibility Websites

The modern day designer should always consider everybody when approaching their work. Having accessibility options on your website allows everybody to interact with your site. Here at the Web Factory we offer enlarging and reducing of text as well as the ability to make your website speak.

Content Management Systems

Allow you total control of the information on your website. Including meta data, content, images and various other methods depending upon the complexity of your website. Again this section has its own page found on the menu or click here.

Web Development

WIA specializes in:

  • Picture of buzz cars dot com Content Management systems
  • Static sites
  • Flash development

We have been developing website since 2008, and the range of web solutions has grown in strength year on year. We offer the following web developments:

  • Brochure Sites
  • Accessibility Websites
  • Content Management Systems
  • Gallery and Portfolio Sites
  • Brochure Websites

Designed to reinforce your company branding, the brochure website should be a perfect complement to your traditional marketing, i.e. letterheads, business cards, leaflets etc. Brochure websites are great to get an instant web presence and can be manipulated and altered in the future as your business needs grows.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems are perfect for the ever changing website. These sites allow an administration login function, from here the user can then alter content, add images etc...

The beauty of these systems is the ease of updating the whole site, a quick visit back to us with your new spec website and we can update the template within the CMS system. Thus, breathing life into your website, this is a fraction of the cost and a redesign for a small investment.

Depending upon the site and the requirements of the site there are cost effective ways around tackling a content management system. Either using open source software or making a bespoke system dedicated to you, the latter being the expensive route. However, the setting up of open source and template design are around one tenth of the price of a bespoke system. It's all dependent upon what you want from your website.

Whether open source or whether entirely bespoke the activity a CMS system can generate is immense, from rss feeds to twitter, to live testimonials, from forums to members logins, it's all available from WIA.

E-Commerce Solutions

Many companies are now looking at selling their products online, online shopping has become more popular and shoppers now have a huge choice of how to pay. The Web factory develop simple to use and easy to understand ecommerce shopping site, along with a background administration tool allowing to login and control the content of each product. You may already have an ecommerce system in place, either pre-existing software or built for your specification.

You can use any of the following methods to receive payments on our ecommerce systems:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • Paypal
  • NoChex
  • Google
  • Checkout
  • Our E-Commerce solutions let you not only sell online, but really interact with the customer, from additional plugins like "Live Chat" to newsletter options, blogging and video uploads.

Enterprise Level Solutions

WIA recognizes the often times complex solutions your business requires. On a larger scale, we offer enterprise-level solutions for your corporation. These solutions are meant to offer a platform to help businesses achieve their specific goals.

What is an Enterprise Level Solution?

An enterprise level solution refers to custom-tailored software or programming with the intended use of achieving large corporation business goals. The solution is utilized throughout the entire corporation in order to seamlessly carry-out the everyday processes of a corporation.

Internal Company Intranet

An internal company intranet is a solution that allows businesses large and small to share important documents. Whether it is notes, presentations, guidelines or other business strategies, the company restricted website, when setup properly, can have a strong effect on your business’ project management ability.

Although a powerful medium for business corporations, an internal company intranet may not be logical for your business. WIA will work with you to determine the specific needs of your business.

Order Entry Solutions

With the growth of internet businesses, your E-Commerce solution is arguably the most important component of receiving, tracking, managing and monitoring business sales. WIA offers convenient custom order entry solutions so that the e-commerce process is efficient and painless for both the customer and the business.

An effective order entry solution is vital in boosting efficiency and business productivity.

Content Management Systems

A content management system, or CMS, is a comprehensive web-solution that is used to manage your website’s content on a daily basis. With an effective CMS, website owners will be able to seamlessly add, edit, remove, draft and/or publish HTML content.

Almost every business website makes utility of a CMS. A CMS is essential because it serves as an all-in-one management for your website’s content. Also, since most of our clients are unfamiliar with HTML and coding, a CMS allows businesses to manage even the most complex aspects of their website with ease.

Custom Management Solutions

A CMS is important in being able to manage your website’s content. But an effective CMS also offers a host of other business-related solutions. Custom, user-friendly controls will help businesses perform the seamless management of often complex tasks. Our custom management solutions also contain an added SEO benefit that will heavily assist in your business’ ranking on search engines such as Google. These custom management solutions assist in providing timely and efficient changes to a business’ website.

Catering a Solution to Our Clients’ Requirements

A CMS is only effective if it meets the needs of a business. Each CMS solution needs to be custom-tailored to the goals of the business for optimal efficiency.

WIA understands the different needs of each business. We understand that no two businesses are alike. Therefore, we are committed to working with each client to accomplish a thorough understanding of the client’s needs. This will allow us to provide a custom solution that will match the goals of your business.

Web 2.0 - 3.0 Development

The term “Web 2.0” refers to the constantly changing new generation of internet technologies. A Web 2.0 website allows users to interact and collaborate over user-generated content in a form of two-way digital communication. Such Web 2.0 solutions include blogs, widgets and applications, social networking solutions, photo tagging, tag clouds and other social integrations.

WIA prides itself in staying up-to-date on the latest and most effective practices in the industry. In doing so, our custom website solutions are mindful of Web 2.0 internet technologies.

Creating an Open API for your Project

An API, or an application programming interface, is an interface that can be used by third-party program developers to add member-specific data to applications. This is simply an application that allows your website to communicate with other forms of communication – such as a mobile device.

The creation of an open API allows our developers to create useful applications for your website. Whether it’s a mobile app, website plugin, WordPress widget or any other web integration, WIA can integrate your website with other API services.

Why would someone want to choose WIA for app development?
Are there any key factors that make WIA stand out as an app development agency?

Most mobile app development companies offer off-the-shelf products that are pre-made and simply rebranded for new customers. WIA works directly with clients to create mobile apps from scratch so that clients have full control over the functionality they’d like to offer as well as the key design elements. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so custom development remains our #1 priority.

Clients who choose to develop websites and mobile apps with WIA may enjoy the benefit of having all of their business processes and data in one place with access across all platforms. Changes to web content will be immediately available to all devices and browsers.

Mobile Apps

The process of developing a mobile app is very similar to the process of developing a website, and in many ways the two processes are tied directly together. The main difference in the two processes is that with mobile app development, the layout of every screen and function typically happens before these screens are actually designed. Being that mobile apps are mainly used on smaller devices, this sequence ensures that all app features are included in a way that is not bound by design restrictions. This step of the process includes user-activity flowcharts and wireframes that are discussed in detail with clients to maintain confidence that the app will function 100% as expected.

After all screens and functionality are worked out, we begin the design process in which WIA team works directly with the clients to come up with a great looking mockup of how the mobile app will function. Key elements like finger-friendly interfaces and branding consistency are always at the forefront of this process. The initial wireframes are used as guides and all of the main screens will now be reviewed in a visible way.

Once all designs and functional specifications are agreed with, development begins. All mobile apps can either be directly tied to existing or new websites to utilize all functions including user registration, displaying database data, etc.

What phones have we developed for?

We develop for the most current versions of Android phones tablets and iOS, including iPhone and iPad.

Why would a client trust us to develop their mobile app?

Working with WIA is always a personal and confidential experience. Ideas are safeguarded by non-disclosures and we protect every aspect of the development life-cycle. By remaining close with the clients throughout the entire process, all mobile apps are personalized and consistent with existing websites and brands.