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Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingEveryday millions of people communicate with each other through social media. They share personal information, pictures, photos, useful links, etc.
According to the researches of analytics daily Russians  spend about 50 minutes inVk, 26 minutes in Odnoklassniki and about 9 minutes in Youtube. The same statistic showed that about 70% of Internet users are well educated people with level of income more than middle and active life position. Well how about it? Is this description of a typical representative of Your target audience?

Admit, it would be highly imprudent while promoting resource to disregard its promotion in social networks. “Webinart” studio offer promoting services of your brand in social network. Do not be fooled, thinking that using social media marketing we only bring to spamming and advertising banners in the most inappropriate places.

Our specialists will develop the best promotional strategy in social media just for you which will be based on an unobtrusive and soft impact on users. Such SMM strategy allows provoking the interest and inflaming, not causing negative reaction and intuitive rejection towards proposed information. Our social media marketing strategy includes also creating stable positive image of company, keeping communities (updating on daily basis of content, moderation, communication with fans), attracting the target audience.We know how to derive the maximum benefit from the promotion of your brand in social media networks.

We do not give empty promises; we accomplish our job and prove the efficiency of our work not by words but by deeds.