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Meet the WIA Team

The employees at WIA are inventive and talented. We’ve not only created a dynamic work environment, but more importantly, a solid team. We’re an integrated web agency, but the “integrated” aspect applies to more than the services we provide. Above all else, we are a group of individuals with specialized skills that assist and complement the team as a whole. We work together on all projects, which is why our final products, whether Web or marketing related, maintain a cohesive voice. We understand the importance of our clients’ vision, and make it our mission to express that vision in every project we complete.


The WIA team is the embodiment of what it takes to be successful online because each team member has individual strengths. We have Web and mobile app designers and developers, search engine optimization specialists, social media marketing experts and professional writers. Together, we’ve established a team whose talent, creativity and work ethic remains unsurpassed. Don’t believe us? Check out our individual bios below!

Leadership Team

Denis Chernenko ( Chief Executive Officer )
Denis Chernenko is Chief Executive of WIA Innovation Limited, with responsibility for the company's capabilities and services across Strategy, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Finance & Enterprise Performance, Operations, Risk Management, Sustainability.
Viktoriia Tanasiienko ( Chief Strategy Officer )
Viktoriia Tanasiienko is Chief Strategy Officer and is responsible for developing the group’s growth agenda geographically and within industry sectors including ongoing leadership and evolution.

Oksana Badovskaya ( Head – Operations & Administration )
Oksana Badovskaya is Head – Operations & Administration  of WIA Innovation, and in this role, Oksana is responsible for ensuring the smooth and successful operations of WIA Innovation, including financial reporting and performance, human resources and operations.